About John Bueche - Executive Producer

John Bueche, is the originating producer and creative genius, comes from as diverse a background as the commercials and shows he produces. Producer, director, marketing manager, mortgage officer, cold storage marketing, oilfield sales and a railroad engineer are but a few of the many adventures which he has been in, including producing weekly television shows “Sounds Like Texas” which was shown in 13 major Texas cities on major networks, (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, UPN & WARNER BROTHERS), and pulled Nielson ratings in the 2.5 range and “H2oh!”, your guide to boats, boating and outdoor adventure, shown across America and Canada.


For the past 14 years John Bueche, has been the owner and executive producer for Austin Television and its predecessors. John is a leader in developing ideas for shows and commercials, some of which have aired nationwide. His clients have included some of the biggest names in Texas and his marketing ideas have made significant changes in many businesses.

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